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Finished Sat Oct 16, 2021 , 9pm
685 Dingxi Lu, near Yanan Xi Lu
free entry


Although promised a reunion at the 3rd anniversary, Movement now has to say goodbye to one of its co-founders and most beloved DJ, Lobito. To honor his irreplaceable contribution to making this thriving community possible, they are throwing him the best farewell party featuring live music, a second dance floor, vinyl DJs, authentic falafel wraps, and more! Movement wants to invite all vinyl lovers, amateur or pro, to join them for another episode of wonderful musical experience.

Veteran vinyl DJ Roy Rogers will be hosting the very first Movement Vinyl Radio from 10.30pm in the main room. This is a new session of gathering where everybody gets to express their analog passion by sharing their vinyl collections. You are encouraged to bring your favorite dance records to C's this Saturday night and feel the vibration straight from the stylus. Free entry.