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Occean Connections: Spotlight Creativity

Finished Sat Oct 30, 2021 , 1.10-3.10pm
SmSh Territory
128rmb per person


This an intimate and engaging discussion on the impact of Creativity on one's ability to identify and clarify the means through which to be fully expressed. Lovers. Wives. Parents. Caretakers. Colleagues. Friends. These are a few of the hats sentient beings wear. How many of these hats fit comfortably for all of them? All the time? Where does finding time to express themselves in ways that make them go “Yeah!” fit in? Engage with and be engaged in meaningful conversations sharing how Creativity shows up for them in their various roles in life and how to harness Creativity’s energy to be fully expressed in these roles. Listen to an art historical perspective on the healing aspect of Creativity . Brunch on delicious soul food catered by SugaHai (vegan and vegetarian options available). Quench your physical thirst on free-flowing bubbly and non-alcoholic beverage. 128rmb per person. Location will be provided after RSVPing.