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Contemporary Dance "DU-K"

Finished Ended on Sat Nov 27, 2021 , 7.30pm/2pm
Shanghai International Dance Center
1650 Hongqiao Lu, near Shuicheng Lu


A collaboration between Chinese and foreign choreographers, DU-K is actually two works in one show. The two halves of the show together intertwine Chinese and Israeli cultures.

The first half of the show titled "I See You Through Covered Eyes" is choreographed by Zhan Li who uses an exaggerated art form to invite the audience to think about what you see when your eyes are closed. Is it lust or fear? Is the world more or less real?

The second half, "DU-K," is a collaborative composition by a team of Chinese and Israeli artists. This piece mainly demonstrates the commonality between different cultures as well as the differences in our habits and education.