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Sound Bath and Inner Dance (Connect with Your Deep Self)

Finished Sun, Nov 14, 2021 , 6pm
Mute Garage Shanghai
Bldg 2, 425 Yanping Lu, near Changping Lu


Be it from work, family, or relationships, stress wears us down. It gives us a bad temper and makes everything we love and do worse. However, stress is not the enemy. Not taking care of stress and ourselves is. But laying on the sofa is inefficient and boring. Sound bath and inner dance can relax you in a much deeper and more profound level, in both mind and body. Immerse yourself in this 100-minute Singing bowl and Gong bath with gentle dance movement. No music or dance experience needed. Especially for people who are craving for relaxation, interested in arts, music, dance and self inquiry, or for those who suffer from sleep disorders. Space limited to 15 spots, registration needed. Wear something comfortable to move and lie down on the floor. 288rmb