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Yoga Retreat in Chongming Island

Finished Ended on Sun Dec 26, 2021 , 8am
SmSh Territory
2,481 RMB. Discounts available by scanning the QR code on the flyer.


This Yoga retreat focuses on yoga practice, mindfulness skills, breathing skills, meditation and connection with nature through exploring NATURE. It takes place at a guesthouse in the countryside of in Chongming Island where you'll partake in mindfulness practices while doing vegetable picking, cycling, boating, and getting your nourishment from vegetarian meals. Vegetable picking? Are you kidding me. Nah... come on, Shanghai goes at a lightning-speed pace, you know deep down that picking vegetables for your meal is exactly what you need. That and a deeper connection with nature. Enjoy this peaceful weekend retreat to Chongming Island. Designed for yogis of all levels, but recommended for beginners. Retreat will be led by an RYT teacher. 2,481rmb for a shared room or upgrade for an extra 400rmb for a bedroom all to yourself. All activities, meals, accommodation and transportation to the retreat are included. Scan the QR code on the flyer below for discounts and more information. Pro tip: Chongming Island is within Shanghai, no need to worry about quarantine.

They also have regular yoga retreat on weekends by request and regular classes.