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Temple of Light Immersive Theater

Finished Ended on Sun Oct 30, 2022
Temple of Light
598 Dongdaming Lu, near Lvshun Lu
88rmb weekdays, 128rmb weekends only for Mid-Autumn Festival Special


Prepare to go into sensory overload at the Temple of Light exhibition this winter. This unique art exhibition got its beginnings from Paris and uses projection technology to recreate famous works of art. The goal is to immerse participants in total sensory delight while at the same time getting them to think differently about how they enjoy both classic and contemporary art. The installation has two themes: "Ukiyo-e Visions" and "Mutations." Ukiyo-e Visions will explore 17th-19th century Japanese print art, while Mutation will take you on a deep dive through the phases of matter. Options available for both weekday and weekend. 128rmb for weekday tickets, 158rmb for weekend tickets. Free entry for kids below 1 meter, but must be accompanied by an adult.  See Temple of Light in pictures on SmartShanghai here.