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One-day Hot Spring Retreat: Stay Warm and Chillax

Finished Sun, Dec 26, 2021 , 9.40am
Mute Garage Shanghai
Bldg 2, 425 Yanping Lu, near Changping Lu
339rmb members, 359rmb non-members


If you're longing for a good soak in some soothing hot springs, then you're in luck - the Mutant Club is organizing a one-day retreat Dec 26! Pack up your swimsuits and get ready to jump into the hot springs with them. This is a relaxing one-day getaway within Shanghai, so no need to worry about arranging transportation or your Green Code turning Red. There are both outdoor and indoor hot springs of many themes for you to try out, plus saunas, massages, and more. On top of that, unlimited refreshments are provided.