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New Year Thai Set Menu

Finished Ended on Sun Jan 2, 2022
Hidden Thai Bistro
395 Panyu Lu, near FuhuazhenLu
168rmb for a 2-person set, 298rmb for a 3-4 person set


Everyone's favorite little hidden thai bistro is doing a special set menu through Christmas and New Year. Obviously spaces are super limited. The special set-menu will only be available between December 24 - January 2. Their two heads of kitchen, Chef Pao and Chef Aoi, put together something with imported ingredients from Thailand. Here's the kicker, the price is A VERY GOOD DEAL. A two person set comes in at 168 rmb and a set for 3-4 ppl for 298 rmb. Now ain't that somethin! But as with the case of anything scarce and good, you will NEED to call ahead to make a reservation. Someone deserves this quaint little date spot, go make the call now.