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30/30 Step challenge

Finished Ended on Wed Mar 2, 2022
SmSh Territory


Every other month, For Me Sportswear challenges you to walk 10,000 steps for 30 consecutive days (including holidays, weekends and rainy days). The goal is to hit 10k steps for 30 days without a break and at the end of the challenge those who finish get a change to enter a lucky draw and win a prize. Not everyone will win the lucky draw, but you'll still get a 60% discount code to use on For Me products. If you miss a day or fall short on a few steps, you get a chance to make up for it, however you'll have to walk a new 10,000 steps for them! They also provide an optional weekly workout. Entry for the challenge is 30rmb. To join contact Wechat ID:Fatima2909