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Meditation for Beginners

Finished Ended on Sun Aug 21, 2022 , 16:30
Poly Sunny Walk Mall, L1-023, 230 Ruiping Lu, near Kaibin Lu
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Entry level meditation course at Sleepland, a newly opened "Immersive Healing Space". The class will consist of a sitting meditation, breathing exercise, stretching and final relaxation - shavasana (lying on your back). The course will start with the practice of meditation from "sensory reception". The reason for saying "practice" is that meditation is a kind of training for the brain, which is far more difficult than the training of body muscles. The difficulty is not in the method, but in that you may not be able to get the strong feedback of dopamine from postures practice immediately. But the change is rising. The meditation "by-products" you want to improve is the concentration, multithreading ability, stress relief and sleep relief are all on the way. Clothing requirements: comfortable and loose sportswear.