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New Media Art Exhibition“Welcome To The Neighborhood”

Finished Ended on Tue Dec 27, 2022 , 10:00am
island6 Arts Center
2/F Bldg.6, 50 Moganshan Lu, near Xi Suzhou Lu
Free Entry
Kids Friendly:


Join island6 Arts Center and indulge in the secret Shanghai stories being told by your neighbors at this New Media Art Exhibition. Let’s not forget curiosity is a virtue, and a precious one: "The Other's look makes me be beyond my being in this world and puts me in the midst of the world which is at once this world and beyond this world.” -Jean-Paul Sartre (1943) Imagine someone staring at you through the keyhole of a door, without you knowing. Behind that door is a spectacle to be seen, a conversation to be heard. In psychoanalysis, le regard or "the gaze,” is described as an awareness of others or oneself. In the words of existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, a self-reflective consciousness is forced to recognize that it exists not only as its own gazing outward but also as an object in the world of others. Being aware of itself, and in relation to others. In this case, you would be aware of someone spying on you. Would this change your behavior? Would you be interested in participating? Voyeurism is an interesting activity; I believe in a way we are all bound to engage one way or another. With social media platforms like Douyin (抖音), TikTok, and Weibo (微博) we have access to millions of stories at the palm of our hands. But before social media and the world wide web, there were just windows. Windows upon windows filling up the empty roads and lighting the night sky with dimmed lights, whispers, and songs. Blinds and curtains to peek through, a whole other world inside asking to be seen. Read more about the exhibition here.