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Ballet: White Snake

from Mar 17 until Mar 19 , 19:30
Shanghai Grand Theatre
300 Renmin Da Dao, near Huangpi Bei Lu


"The Legend of the White Snake" is a well-known Chinese tale which has been adapted many times in various forms of art on stage, screen and TV. Its heroine Lady White (White Snake)’s awakening consciousness, pursuit of freedom, and struggle against bondage, has been inspiration for generations of creators and audiences alike.

The ballet/dance version of White Snake attracts a star team of great artists from China and the world. By integrating ballet, Chinese dance, modern dance, Wushu (martial arts) and other elements such as multimedia technology, it will embody a production of sublime oriental aesthetics and allow today’s audience their own interpretation of this folk legend thousands of years old.

This production contains part of the original White Snake story, but at same time it breaks the shackles of traditional ancient mythology and re-constructs it, giving it a contemporary touch. White Snake, Xu Xian and Fa Hai correspond to contemporary wives, husbands and psychological doctors respectively, while green snake symbolizes the indelible, enlightening and independent consciousness of women.

As artistic director of White Snake, world renowned dancer Tan Yuanyuan will express the love and hatred conflicts between women (Lady White and Xiaoqing), husband (Xu Xian) and psychologist (Fahai) in the perspective of women, and exploring the inner world of modern women.