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Chinese Kitchen Cooking Class Experience

Finished Ended on Wed May 31, 2023 , 10am / 3pm
Cici’s Chinese Kitchen
6/F, 83 Changshu Lu, near Julu Lu


Originally from the dumplings master forge in Shandong in northern China, Cici has been living in Shanghai for the past 23 years, raising a family, and teaching homestyle Chinese cuisine in her cooking school. In the mid-to-late ‘10s she was teaching the dumpling arts to mainly tourists, a few emerging celebs, and even a few international chefs searching for xiaolongbao secrets to take back with them to their home countries. Recently, she’s relaunched her cooking classes for people to join her in the kitchen and learn how to cook Chinese cuisine

Cici does a lot of different ones but her main ones are the xiaolongbao (soup dumping) classes and the "colorful dumplings" class, which is rainbow dim sum in dazzling shapes and Starburst colors that compel you to photograph and post.

Cici offers SmartShanghai readers dumpling cooking classes at the discount price of 299rmb all-in. (Usually they are 380rmb). The price includes the 2.5 hour lesson, all ingredients, and all the XLB secrets you never even knew. Classes are available in Chinese and English, with a fully vegetarian option available. Great for kids aged 3 to 99.