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Exhibition: Inflections of Visual Culture

Finished Ended on Wed Nov 30, 2022 , 6.30pm
Miguel de Cervantes Library
208 Anfu Lu, near Wulumuqi Zhong Lu


In anticipation of Miguel de Cervantes's booth at the Bund Art Fair, they preview the exhibition "Inflections of visual culture" at their Anfu Lu location, with videos by Paloma Rincón (Mexico) and Cao Fei (China): "To promote the dialogue between these digital works and those that make up the homonymous exhibition in the West Bund, in the opening the artists Dot8 and Shi Zheng will be present, while the curator, Héctor Ayuso, and the director of OFFF, Pep Salazar, will connect from Spain, together with the artists Cao Fei, Marta Cerdà and Pink Morro." More details in this WeChat post: