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Transmission's Danceteria

Finished Fri, Nov 11, 2022 , 20:00
685 Dingxi Lu, near Yanan Xi Lu
Free entry


This Friday, Shanghai's new vinyl crew DJs is taking C's back to early 80's New York for Transmission's Danceteria. Danceteria was one of the hot spots of the celebrated New York new wave/no wave scene of the early 80's which bridged the gap between the live music punk of CBGBs and the chic new wave club music that was inspired by its limit pushing. Hosting bands like garage band The Fleshtones and DJs like Afrika Islam (both former visitors to Shanghai), it birthed acts like Madonna and the burgeoning Duran Duran. It will be celebrated by Shanghai's new Transmission, a vinyl-DJ crew bringing the fuzz and crack back to nightlife. Your DJs for the night, DJ BO, Muley Graves, and DJ Katweasel, will be taking you back and forth, up and down, with those pink electric sounds. “See or Be Scened” says the poster, and TouJAM couldn't be prouder to present such an event at Shanghai's premier dive bar. Pull on your leather and conjure up hysteria, for… TRANSMISSION's DANCETERIA!