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"Wildflowers of Lyon" — Experimental Audiovisual Theater

Finished Ended on Sun Nov 27, 2022
Theatre YOUNG
1155 Kongjiang Lu


"Wildflowers of Lyon" is an interactive performance that combines live improvisational music and experimental images, and is recreated based on real individual experiences and records. The work describes how individuals face the "turbulence" and "uncertainty" of the external world and daily life during this epidemic period, how they use the tiny things in life as anchors, and how they reconnect with others and the world around them.

The video element of the piece has been created by Ma Weijia, an independent animation video artist, and is composed of real-time video, artist paintings, and physical stop-motion animation. Musician Xiao He did sound design and composition based on video passages. For the performance, the music will be performed live according to the mood and rhythm of the video. The two audio and visual elements compliment each other and have their own independence at the same time.