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Adult Pointe Class

Finished Thu, Feb 16, 2023 , 20:10
Dance Flow Studio
3/F, Xiangyang Center, 97 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Xinle Lu
200rmb per class
Kids Friendly: From 11 years


Getting your first pair of pointe shoes is such an exciting day! But, if you’ve never been up on pointe before, you probably have a lot of questions! Can adults go on pointe, even if they didn’t start as a child? Yes! How long does it take? Let's start now! What should I be working on to get ready for pointe? DF regular dance classes! Does it hurt and gnarl a dancer’s feet? Not with good guidance! Can men get en pointe? Absolutely Yes! This class will guide you every step of the way from your first day of ballet class to your first pair of pointe shoes.*Class requirements: at least one year of ballet practice experience, or a experience of other regular ballet courses