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Theater: 'The Rivers and Mountains’

Finished Ended on Thu Apr 27, 2023 , 19:30
Shanghai Culture Square
597 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu


A theatrical experience that combines music, poetry, and painting, guests undertake a journey one thousand years in the making. “The mountains are like songs, the green is like a song, the mountains and rivers are competing for beauty, unfolding into a dream. A string of "music" from ancient to modern times, looking back at the millennium, the music sings the mountains and rivers.” The piece, of the “Jiangshan Jingxiu" genre, produced by China Oriental Performing Arts Group, traces back thousands of years to cultural heritage, with the music style blending Chinese and Western styles. The performance unfolds with a changing scene on stage, offering a unique audio-visual experience to the audience: “listen to it, watch it, and feel the distant millennium time and space and the rich cultural life.”