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May Holiday Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat in Anji Mountains

Finished Ended on Wed May 3, 2023 , 7am
SmSh Territory
all inclusive price starting from 5000rmb/person


This is Yoga for Life Shanghai's sixth time going to Anji Mountains Guanyin Tang village for May Holiday Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat since 2018. Over the past 5.5 years they have brought over 350 yogis here for retreats. Home for the five-day retreat is at a heavenly part of Anji Mountain, far away from noise and nestled in a massive lush bamboo forest. It's located at the top of a mountain (at an altitude of 800 meters) and in the middle of nowhere (surrounded only by mountains) – expect to be greeted by mesmerizing mountains, bountiful bamboo forests and a sky full of stars! In the mesmerizing surrounding mountain, you’d dive deep into yoga, mindfulness (Zen meditation), healing and life transformation. If you've been craving true silence, lots of nature and a deep inner journey dive, this retreat is for you. All inclusive price starting from 5000rmb per person. See the flyer for the WeChat contact details.