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Candor Cabaret, 'Babylon'

Finished Ended on Sat May 6, 2023 , 8.30pm,9pm
57 Maoming Nan Lu, near Changle Lu


Welcome to Babylon - a land abandoned by God, where all things both holy and evil thrive. Is it really possible to have a place on earth where pure holiness or pure evil exist? Or let's say... Is it possible that 'evil' can actually be more candid since it accepts what it really is and never pretends? If so, then this is what I see Babylon as: a place where spirits are absolutely free and fearless without pretense, a place that has no boxes to separate people, but just individuals, a place that has no sexualities but unconditional connections, a place that has no gender line but all possibilities to be who you really are - A place where you can truly embrace yourself. Shows on weekdays start at 8.30pm, weekends and holidays at 9pm. Please note that minimum drink & food charges are required for WEEKEND and HOLIDAY shows. Read more in SmartTicket page.

Dinner service starts at 6:30pm from Tuesday to Sunday.