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Maker Faire Shanghai 2023

Finished Ended on Sun Oct 22, 2023 , 10am-6pm
YiFeng Galleria (Rockbund)
Yuanmingyuan Lu, between Beijing Dong Lu and Nan Suzhou Lu


The Maker Faire has always been a hugely popular event for families and "makers" in Shanghai. For those of you who've just arrived, here's a primer on the event. Originating in California in 2006, the Maker Faire is an immersive festival where folks can participate in interactive workshops and hands-on activities, with opportunities to use some really cool modern tech. From 3D printing and robotics to drones and woodworking, there's plenty of kid-friendly fun. This October, it’s returning to Yuanmingyuan Road, next to Beijing East Road. The previous 2021 event attracted more than 20,000 visitors, and this year's event promises to be even bigger. The 2023 edition will feature more science shows, entertainment, and a new food market. So, if you get hungry, there's plenty to eat. Kids under a height of 1.2 meters get in for free, but please note that pets are not allowed during this event.