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Alibaba Cloud Campus Visit (Hangzhou)

Finished Fri, May 26, 2023 , 8am.
DaWo Law Firm
Suite 20 C-D, Crystal Century Plaza, 567 Weihai Road, near Shimen Yi Lu
Members: 250rmb; Benelux Alumni: 300rmb; Non-Members: 400rmb.


Join the Benelux Chamber on Friday, May 26, 2023, for a visit to Alibaba Hangzhou. Located in the center of the Alibaba Group headquarters in Hangzhou, the pavilion you will visit is one of the most important external windows of the Alibaba Group. During the visit, you will explore Alibaba Group and will be able to see an overview of its continuous investment in technology over the past two decades. The pavilion showcases its culture and technology development through innovative exhibition methods, including high-definition projection, LCD splicing units, and holographic projection. This visit will also provide insights into Alibaba's role in corporate digital transformation solutions, including the AI model revealed at the annual summit of Alibaba Cloud in early April. Reserve your seat now by clicking the link below/ scanning the QR code below, as there are only 30 seats available. ATTENTION! Make sure to register with your legal full name, corresponding to your ID/passport.