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Weekend Trip in a Village Nearby Shanghai

Finished Ended on Sun Jun 11, 2023 , 9am.


"Cixi Fengpuao Village, a charming rural village steeped in history dating back to the Song Dynasty, serves as the perfect destination for our upcoming trip. We will commence our adventure with a warm and inviting lunch, followed by a comprehensive village tour led by a knowledgeable local host. As the sun rises the next morning, we will embark on an invigorating hike through the village and the picturesque countryside of the Dapeng Mountain area. This enchanting landscape encompasses rolling hills and idyllic farms, providing a feast for the eyes." GoEast language school hosts a trip out to a traditional Chinese village. 1,280rmb (not including the train tickets). The fee includes transportation in Ningbo, travel insurance, meals (two lunches, one dinner, one breakfast), Qingtuan making, one hour of Chinese language class, one hour of villager interview guidance, and more. Contact the school for more details.