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Dolls By Riinkie

Finished Ended on Sat Aug 5, 2023 , 7 pm
358 Kangding Lu, near Shaanxi Bei Lu


Get out of the box, roll into our RIINK! If you're feeling the excitement that we feel, For the pinkest blockbuster of the summer's reel, Then come and celebrate with us in kind, And dress up as Barbies or Kens, you'll find. Immerse yourself in our dreamland of pink, strike a Barbie pose, give us a wink, let our DJ's retro hits make you think of the good old days when disco balls shone, we can dance all night until the break of dawn. Our bar and kitchen are open all day, so you can sip on summer drinks and play. While our glittering disco ball spins and swirls, you can party with the coolest boys and girls. So get ready to roll and groove with glee, At Dolls Party by Riinkie, it's the place to be, where pink is the color and Barbie's the theme, you can be part of this fantastic dream.