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Diane Severin Nguyen: In Her Time

Finished Ended on Sun Oct 15, 2023 , 10am-6pm
Rockbund Art Museum
20 Huqiu Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu


This exhibition marks the inaugural institutional solo showcase of Vietnamese-American artist Diane Severin Nguyen in Asia. Known for her diverse artistic practice encompassing photography, film, and installation, she presents two sets of immersive installations at this event. The first of these is the film "In Her Time," the artist's debut feature film. The second set of works, titled "Are You Young? It Doesn't Matter," occupies the entire third floor. Using lighting and sound effects, Nguyen creates a "time tunnel" with intricate details, blending the film's soundtrack with environmental sounds. Additionally, the Rockbund Art Museum has commissioned a new novel penned by Asian-American novelist Olivia Kan-Sperling, which will be released as part of the exhibition publication in early 2024. This novel serves as an extension of the exhibition narrative, further enhancing the overall experience for visitors.