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A View From The Treetop by Rafal Sarnecki Quintet

Finished Thu, Sep 7, 2023 , 8pm
Blue Note Jazz Club
3-5/F, 867 Sichuan Bei Lu, near Haining Lu


The Rafal Sarnecki Quintet is a fusion of musicians from diverse countries and cultural backgrounds. Their music intertwines the essence of New York jazz, influenced by classical motifs, with avant-garde European musical elements. While their compositions have intricate rhythms and harmonies, their performances always preserve the innate melody and energy of the music itself. The thematic thread of "A View From The Treetop" extends from Rafal's earlier album, "Climbing Trees," a reflection of his childhood passion for tree climbing. This album encapsulates his memories and dreams from that era. Interestingly, this passion for heights, though paradoxically entwined with fear, serves as a source of conflict that enriches Rafal's musical expressions. Several pieces from the "A View From The Treetop" album will make their debut performance in China during this concert.