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Arata Isozaki: In Formation

Finished Ended on Sun Nov 19, 2023 , 11am-7pm
Power Station of Art
200 Huayuangang Lu, near Miaojiang Lu


This exhibition marks a significant milestone as the world's first retrospective of Arata Isozaki, the renowned Japanese architect and winner of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize. Through various lenses, this exhibition delves into the evolving philosophies that shaped Arata Isozaki's remarkable career. It offers a comprehensive and expansive overview of his contributions to the world of architectural art. Arata Isozaki stands out as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking architects of the 20th century. His architectural vision draws deep inspiration from his Japanese roots, while also embracing a global perspective that celebrates cultural diversity. This exhibition vividly showcases his unwavering commitment to historical reflection and his unique approach to architectural expression.