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Self Boretraits: 'How I Survived Lockdown'

Daily until Oct 18
La Cava De Laoma (Kangding Lu)
1156 Kangding Lu, near Wuning Nan Lu


Xiao Bao Luo is the pseudonym of a British creative director living in Shanghai since 2016. This exhibition showcases works created between March and June 2022 whilst living alone in lockdown. The project soon escalated into an obsession and coping mechanism for mental health. Every image was shot on an iPhone using a timer and tripod. Everything was captured in camera, in one shot, with no Photoshop comping, everything you see was in the house at the time, and all images contain a surgical mask. In total 24 images were created in 60 days. Opening party Friday, September 22, from 7 pm. Wine deals are available.