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Cooking Class: Food Specialties of China

Finished Oct 28, Nov 18, Dec 2 & 9 , 10:30am-1pm
1/F, Bldg B, Zhongshan International Plaza, 789 Tianshan Xi Lu, near Xiehe Lu


Professional cooking school CieCAS offers themed cooking classes to discover and create great dishes from famous Chinese culinary regions - they pick a different region every week (check flyer for details). Classes take place every Saturday from 10.30 am to 1pm and are priced 380rmb per person per class.

All classes will focus on the creation of two popular regional dishes, served with rice and vegetables.

The following dates have been selected:

Saturday, October 28 - Sichuan 

Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce 口水鸡

Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork 鱼香肉丝


Most Sichuan cuisine dishes are hot and spicy. The two deep flavors are from seasonings including hot pepper, hot peppercorn, Sichuan pepper, prickly ashes, broad bean chili paste, ginger and garlic. These sesonings are all pungent, spicy and hot. Among them the hot pepper and Sichuan pepper are the soul of Chuan Cai. Actually, Sichuan cuisine is not only hot and spicy, Sichuan dishes can have 24 flavors!

Saturday, November 18 - Canton (Yue Cai)

White Cut Chicken 白斩鸡

Steamed Spare Ribs in Black Bean Sauce 豉汁蒸排骨


Most Cantonese food tastes fresh, natural, and mild. In order to show the original flavor of the main ingredient, Chefs are very cautious about seasonings. The seasonings are to bring out or highlight the original taste of the ingredient, not to make it. Less spicy ingredients such as peppers, chili, ginger and garlic are used. Cantonese cuisine is famous for the rich food materials which include poultries, birds, sea food, woodland delicacies, various vegetables and fruits and often the best part of them are selected for cooking. 

Saturday, December 2 - Zhejiang

Steamed Pork with Rice Flour in Lotus Leaves 荷叶粉蒸肉

 Fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea 龙井虾仁


Zhejiang cuisine has the light and fresh flavor as a whole, which focuses on maintaining the original taste of raw materials. In addition to condiments, the scientific arrangement of ingredients is also excellent. Fresh bamboo shoots, hams, mushrooms, winter mushrooms and green vegetables that have a light taste are usually added to dishes. To cook seafood and freshwater fishes, the ingredients and seasonings used are all to improve the fresh flavor. Frying is the one of the best cooking method in Zhejiang cuisine, especially moist stir frying. The process is fast and the cooked food would be tender and tasty with little oil.  

Saturday, December 9 - Shandong 

Braised Prawns in Oil 油焖大虾

Four Joy Meatball 四喜丸子


Shandong cuisine history is the longest among all cuisines; it has the most abundant cooking techniques and the most difficult cooking and cutting methods. Most Shandong dishes are umami and moderately salty, sweet and sour dishes are also well-liked. The chefs pay attention to the original taste of raw materials. Many dishes are lightly seasoned mainly with salt and soup, making dishes taste umami and fresh with a flavorful taste of the original material. 

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The training fee is CNY380 per class for the program (seats are limited to maximum 20 participants, and there is a minimum enrollment of 5 people required to conduct the class). 

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All participants should wear comfortable and safe clothes and shoes, such as jeans, t-shirt and sneakers (kindly avoid open sandals, shorts or sleeveless shirts or other clothes suitable for cooking or standing in the kitchen).  

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Instructors 授课讲师

Chef Danny Feng 冯岱寅主厨

Studied and has been trained in Canada as a professional chef after he finished his bachelor degree in Biochemistry. He has more than 10 years culinary experience with a focus on French, Italian, American, as well as Chinese and Fusion cuisines – ranging from fast casual to fine dining concepts. Before joining CieCAS, Danny Feng was employed as a head chef in a high-profile restaurant in Shanghai which had a strong focus on sustainability. In addition, Chef Feng designed several recipes for Liu Yue Xian a top brand of the Shinho group, and assisted in their media campaigns.

Chef Evo Ni 倪源主厨

Is a Culinary Expert and trained through dual education. His expertise is in Western and Southeast Asia culinary skills as he worked with many international Chefs originating from Germany, Austria, US, Italy, Singapore, and Thailand. Chef Evo Ni has also extensive operation experience to run kitchen from menu creation, food hygiene, and quåality control.

Dr. Sacha Stöcklin 萨沙·斯特克林 博士

Is a foodie, wine lover and a hobby cook - who lived and worked on 3 different continents. Sacha has over 20 years experience as an educator in the hospitality industry. Before establishing and managing CieCAS in 2018, Sacha taught at prestigious hotel management schools (Les Roches, Hotel Institute Montreux, and Swiss Hotel Management School) moving up from lecturer to program manager, dean, and campus director. Since 2013, he holds a Doctorate in Education (EdD) with focus on Educational Management.