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Slava's Snow Show

Finished Ended on Sun Nov 5, 2023 , 7:30pm/2pm
AIA Grand Theatre
889 Dongdaming Lu, near Gongping Lu


SNOW SHOW has been dazzling critics across the world since 1993, reigniting the discipline of clowning for a new generation with an enchanting show—or perhaps "cavalcade of controlled chaos" is more appropriate. Created, directed, and staged by Slava Polunin and his collaborator Viktor Kramer, the talented performers engage the audience with everything from the tiniest subtleties of facial expressions to theater-wide, extravagant snowstorms that envelop the audience in a blizzard! Variety said, "Slava Polunin may well be the world’s greatest clown. He may even be the world’s greatest magician." Joyful, playful, and guaranteed to bring a smile to even the most stoic audience member, Slava's Snow Show is a reminder that clowns are meant to be, y'know, fun!