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Hogchoker, Hey! Lily! + An Corporation Power Chords of Justice

Finished Fri, Nov 24, 2023 , 8pm
851 Kaixuan Lu, by Yan'an Xi Lu (Entrance behind the Metro Station)


Who will help defeat The Tentacles of Tedium? Find out tonight at Yuyintang as some of the city’s rowdiest ‘shoot it out with guitars, drums, sax, and violins’ aka The Power Chords of Justice take a stand. Hogchoker is an explosion of punky, theatrical, world music, who’ve been blasting jazz, ska, klezmer, and salsa sounds over danceable punk-rock licks since 2015; meanwhile, An Corporation has become one of the most audacious powerhouse post-rock acts over the past year; and finally, Hey! Lily! continue to be an irresistible garage rock concoction that delivers each and every time. If that wasn’t enough, DJ Muley Graves has your afterparty covered, keeping the rock and roll going till late. 8 PM. RMB 80/100