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Cheese by Java Dance Company

Finished Sun, Nov 26, 2023 , 10am/2pm
Theatre YOUNG
1155 Kongjiang Lu


A show for children and those who are young at heart, with amazing animals, squirting milk jets, and flying hay bales combined with all the bells and whistles to make cheese. Dancing milkmaids and yodeling goatherds will lead you on a farmyard frolic as they attempt to make their first-ever cheese. If you have ever wondered where cheese comes from or cried over spilt milk, this is the show for you. Cheese is an epic journey from grass to milk to stringy, chewy, stretchy, rubbery, crumbly delicious cheese. From the makers of Dirt and Other Delicious Ingredients, Java Dance Theatre brings you their signature brand of delicious-smelling dance, live music, and theater. The show is 45 minutes long, with two available in the morning and afternoon. Please note that children under 1.2m are not allowed to enter. A single ticket is 320rmb for guests above 1.2m.

About Java Dance Theatre

Java brings cutting edge live dance theatre with original live music to audiences all over the world, choreographed by Sacha Copland. Java has created 22 full length shows, performing to people all over Aotearoa, Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Java is the creator of the popular Back of the Bus, a site-specific dance show on a moving bus and performed multiple sell-out seasons at the Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival.

Since 2011 Java has toured their award-winning Artisan Series with accompanying works for young people. In the Artisan Series Java make bread, wine, cheese and chocolate on stage to explore human civilisation in close proximity.

Java tackle the big conundrums of this worldly existence while taking the audience for a wild ride and enriching their lives with humour, dance, music and cinnamon sticks. Java was Founded in 2003 by artistic director Sacha Copland and founding dancer Rosanne Christie.

What’s MOO Town!

As part of the Autumn IS Festival we will be welcoming JAVA Dance all the way from New Zealand with their performance of CHEESE for Kids! To celebrate this fruition season and the exciting event, we are transforming Theatre YOUNG into a playground for children and have planned a variety of activities just like an indoor market (MOO Town)!

From watching how CHEESE are being made on stage to participating in painting workshop and collecting achievement stamps, from enjoying tastings provided by Dr. Cheese to make Plant-based craft by our local beloved Knowledge & Innovation Community Garden, MOO Town will be a pack of fun!

And here is our invitation for all, adults or children, to join our celebration of this harvest season.

MOO Town Schedule - 26th Nov. 2023

Morning Market
Time Activities Location
9:45-11:45 MOO Town Opens Various
(including plant DIY, painting workshop, book corners etc.)
11:00-11:45 CINEMA GREEN BOX

Afternoon Market
Time Activities Location
13:45-15:45 MOO Town Opens Various
(including plant DIY, painting workshop, book corners etc.)
14:45-15:30 workshop for CHEESE MAIN STAGE
15:00-15:45 CINEMA GREEN BOX