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2023 Tour by Hardcore Raver in Tears

Finished Sat, Nov 25, 2023 , 8:30pm
VAS Livehouse
3/F, 19 Wanhangdu Lu, near Changshou Lu


Wuhan's new wave punk outfit Hardcore Raver in Tears, led by Lu Yan of AV Okubo fame, brings Hong Kong B-movie sensibility to the rave on their robust and hot-blooded debut, Survivor’s Club. Finding sharp disco thrills amongst surreal, science fiction-filled stories that feel like a collage of 80s-inspired midnight flicks (everything from zombies inside a Wanda Plaza to a nuclear holocaust makes an appearance). Capturing the neon-soaked grim and intensity of the new wave ever so perfectly, with a surprisingly emotional throughline (out of some truly convoluted and sometimes downright prosperous narratives) - sympathetic ravers are in for a treat. 8:30 PM. RMB 220.