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iStage Winter Camp 2023 - Finding Nemo

Finished Ended on Fri Jan 26, 2024 , 11.23


Bilingual Performing Arts company iStage hosts a five-day musical enlightenment winter camp for kids 4–6 years old, where kids learn a combination of songs and dances. Available at both their Pudong and Puxi Campus.

What will the children learn in the one-week course?

  • How to vocalize correctly when singing, instead of "roaring" at the top of your throat? What are the wrong ways to vocalize that cannot produce a good singing sound?
  • What is pitch? Elsa often sneaks up on the third floor and needs to listen carefully;
  • Can intonation be cultivated? How to learn to listen first and then sing;
  • What is breath? How do beginners use their breath to make sounds? This holiday camp will be the students' first attempt at performing arts, and they will have a basic understanding of the various elements of musicals.

More information available here: