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Double Sided Razor

Finished Ended on Fri Jul 4, 2008
Duolun Museum of Modern Art
27 Duolun Lu, near Sichuan Bei Lu


He Diqiu digs deep at this solo show with his biting statements about modern Chinese life rendered in computer manipulated sculpture. Duolun may be pushing it's state sealed envelope with this show. He is a naughty artist. Opens 3pm.

Submitted by Duolun

The first solo exhibition will present some of He Diqiu's sculptures in the past decade from 1997 to 2008, including "model opera" and "somnambulism." His work is a way of examining and interpreting history, and it shows a sense of humor. His art works are created based on the realities, and the reality themes are expressed in a scoffed and biting way.

The works of model opera series take the characters of the model opera as the principal thing. A series of sights, Chinese classic cultural background, which had impacts on a generation in China have been presented by the artist through a troublemaker's viewpoint in an interesting way. The model of characters has its unique characteristics. He applies the basic computer effects such as elongated squashing into his sculpture making. This is a very simple and straightforward idea but he just followed that simple idea and he succeeded in doing that! This Model Operas series has strong expression of the scenes, and such expression is liberal and humorous. It has changed the serious preaching of the political-themed sculpture. "It is a humorous game of image-playing and symbols."

These works are the outstanding works of post-modernism. He is one of the first sculptors who made the sculpture into computer image processing and conceived this style in written theory. His spirit of not following the majority made him step outside of the mainstream. The variation of the portrait of the sculpture, the strong color and stage light effects allow him to have his own way of sculpture making.