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Wang Chen: Synaptic Forest

Finished Ended on Sun Mar 24, 2024 , 10:30am - 11pm
127 Guangfu Lu, near Jinyuan Lu
120rmb (for all the exhibitions at Fotografiska)


This exhibition marks the debut solo show of Chinese young artist Wang Chen in her home country. Combining various mediums such as digital video, performance, 3D game design, sculpture, painting, costume making, and sound design, Wang Chen leads viewers into a world where reality and imagination intersect. Wang Chen's works have previously been exhibited at Fotografiska Stockholm, and this time, Fotografiska Shanghai will showcase two of her pieces: "In the Woods" and "Fractured Delights." "In the Woods" reflects Wang Chen's contemplation on personal identity, cultural background, and immigrant experiences in a foreign land, drawing from his immigrant status. In "Fractured Delights," the artist takes his immigrant identity as the starting point, using multimedia to guide viewers into a broader discussion on immigrant societies, cultures, and life experiences.