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Ballet de l'Opera National de Bordeaux

From May 10 until May 12 , 7:15pm/2pm
Shanghai Oriental Art Center
425 Dingxiang Lu, near Shiji Dadao


Ballet was born in France in the century of Louis XIV and began to develop in Bordeaux in the eighteenth century, progressively acquiring a prestigious and creative dimension. In the 1990s, the Ballet de l'Opéra de Bordeaux opened up its classical heritage to the modern era, working with many different choreographers. It now has nearly 40 dancers. In addition to the classic repertory, the company performs the ballets it has inherited from Les Ballet Russesbut also the work of neo-classical and contemporary choreographers. From May 10 to 12 at the Oriental Arts Center, they will bring romantic ballet La Sylphide and the most cheerful ActⅢ of Don Quchotte to the audience.