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WISS Positive Parenting Workshop

Mar 12, Apr 9, May 14 , 10am
Western International School of Shanghai (WISS)
555 Lianmin Lu, near Huqingping Gonglu


Join WISS for a 3 day workshop exploring the world of positive parenting. This is an interactive workshop series tailored to equip you with essential tools and strategies for effectively navigating the challenges of raising preschoolers in today's world.

The workshops cater to parents with young children aged 18 months to 5 years who are preparing their child for the transition to formal schooling. Discover effective strategies to cultivate a positive and harmonious relationship with your child, while nurturing their independence and self-confidence. Gain valuable insights on managing negative feelings, fostering cooperation, and offering positive reinforcement.These workshops not only enhance your parenting skills but also provide an opportunity to connect with other parents, share experiences, and create a supportive community.

Don't miss this empowering opportunity to strengthen the bond with your child. Sign up for our Positive Parenting workshop series, covering topics such as Positive Parenting based on the Adler method, Coping with Your Child's Negative Feelings, Engaging Your Child's Cooperation, Setting Boundaries, Alternatives to Punishment, Positive Praise, Building Confidence, Encouraging Independence, and Dealing with Emotions.

Take the first step towards nurturing a more harmonious relationship with your child. Enroll in WISS's Positive Parenting Workshop Series today!