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Legend -Horsehead Fiddle Concert by He Xige

Finished Wed, Apr 17, 2024 , 7:30pm
Shanghai Grand Theatre
300 Renmin Da Dao, near Huangpi Bei Lu


'Grassland music poet' He Xiege and Surude Band combine Mongolian music with world music to explore an innovative path of ethnic music. They have traveled all over the world, interpreting the soul-stirring grassland. As a famous Mongolian matouqin (also known as horsehead fiddle ) player, He Xiege is praised as a musical genius dancing with the strings. His music is full of strong poetic and pictorial qualities. He was exposed to Mongolian traditional music on the grassland since childhood. In the decades of his career, He Xiege has published several classic matouqin albums, forming a unique style of ethnic music. The matouqin is a Mongolian folk stringed instrument, called 'chao'er' in Mongolian, which is a two-stringed stringed instrument with a trapezoidal body and a handle carved into the shape of a horse's head. The sound is mellow, low and gentle, and it is a musical instrument loved by the Mongolian people. The show will be on April 17 at the Grand Theatre.