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Everything Grows: Bliss Illusion, Horror Of Pestilence, Urizen Society

Finished Sat, Mar 2, 2024 , 8pm
VAS Livehouse
3/F, 19 Wanhangdu Lu, near Changning Lu
Presale: 158rmb/person, Full price: 188rmb/person


Some of metal’s most daring and atmospheric offspring converges on VAS including Beijing post-black metal outfit, Bliss-Illusion, known for adding Chinese Buddhist scriptures into their songs, Guangzhou-based technical deathcore outfit Horror Of Pestilence - an assault on the senses that’s richly detailed in its choice of weaponry; and Shanghai’s own Urizen Society, known for fusing of black metal and symphonic metal that’s grand as can be - offering soliloquies before breaking out into a blood-curling scream.