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Tation, Buguzhi, Li Zenghui

Finished Fri, Mar 15, 2024 , 8:30pm
Yuyintang Park
B1/F, 1398 Yuyuan Lu, near Dingxi Lu


Qinghai-based instrumental rock troupe Tation, known for its exploratory sound that blends Chinese traditional folk, Tibetan, and Mongolian music, and experimental music into the bedrock of post-rock, is just one of the great mystifying acts tonight at Yuyintang Park. Grandiose yet delicate at once, firm yet limber, Tation is apt at maneuvering across the genre’s many facets. They’ll be joined by the Lanzhou experimental rock outfit Buguzhi - whose cold, dark, and alluring blend of industrial, experimental, and classic rock is as chaotic as it is mesmerizing - a Hitchcockian thriller back way of Song Dynasty opera. If that wasn’t enough, saxophonist and experimental music legend Li Zenghui, is always a treat to see cut loose on stage. Sleeper gig of the week.