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Love Bang Presents: Goodbye Bathhouse (New Star Tianshan Lu Closing Party)

Finished Sun, Mar 17, 2024 , 5pm
New Star (Tianshan Lu)
1900 Tianshan Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu


Exactly what it sounds like: a party at the bathhouse. Nine DJs playing in the common area (so, not the baths, but the baths and everything else is still open) from 5pm-midnight. Soapwave, spa-core, bath-house, and steamy bangers.

Sadly, this is the last night ever for New Star on Tianshan Lu. The ticket is standard New Star prices - anything you consume or buy is on you.

The cheapest ticket is 95rmb (on NewStar's WeChat) and you can stay all day. They got snacks and drinks for sale too.

Music by Cavia, Lai Nasty, Heatwolves, Mamayo, Mau Mau, MOUSAÄCA, SpaceReturn, Weschen, and 小喇叭. This will never happen again - let’s get it. Farewell, New Star.