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Alice In Wonderland Kids 3D Show

Finished Sat, Apr 6, 2024 , 3pm
AIA Grand Theatre
889 Dongdaming Lu, near Gongping Lu


Based on British writer Lewis Carroll's novel and directed by Suzanne Goyette, Alice in Wonderland depicts the particular experience of a little girl named Alice falling through a rabbit hole to end up in a fairy tale. Most of the music for the performance was newly composed for the musical version, including the theme song of Brave Dream recorded by the German Radio Orchestra. The multi-media musical will bring astonishing 3D visuals to show some of the famous plots, including Alice drinking the potion and becoming a giant. The show is in Chinese without subtitles, but the 3D effects and the music alone are worth a watch for kids who love this fairytale. Recommended for kids above 3 years old.