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Zhuyouhui, WeatherKing, Cementin, kirakiro, DJ Fancy Hobo

Finished Sat, Apr 13, 2024 , 6pm
B1/F, No.555, Gubei Lu
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LiveChinaMusic welcomes spring this weekend with a vibrant melody of acts from all across the musical spectrum - dank electronically infused psychedelic soundscapes via veteran improv collective Cementin, heady trance-inducing beats coated in neo-classical textures courtesy of emerging Hangzhou duo kirakiro, rhythmically ear-catching and instrumentally deft math rock from the young and sincere Zhuyouhui, and intrepid psych rockers WeatherKing. The evening also doubles as a welcome to one of the city’s newest musical abodes - ARCADE. Quaint art gallery by day, buzzing music conclave by night - the Gubei spot is both a cozy hangout and a musical refuge for those looking for something a bit more intimate - giving off house party vibes in the best possible way. Amplifying those house party vibes will be DJ Fancy Hobo - the fanciest of hobos - playing you a riotous assortment of underground Chinese rock.