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Jade Breaking Plan for Liberty

Finished Sun, Apr 14, 2024 , 8:30pm
VAS Livehouse
3/F, 19 Wanhangdu Lu, near Changning Lu


Chengdu’s Jade Breaking Plan for Liberty go for broke on their sophomore LP - The Sun-Quenching Chronicle - a sprawling carnivalesque swirl of grunge, metal, core, jazz, prog, and blues rock that dedicates itself to the ‘shadows, sacrifices, and dust in the era of madness’. Crafted together with manic literary glee and anarchic irrelevant - it’s guitar rock that happily goes off the deep end - injecting a restless spirit of experimentation and fusion that threatens to collapse in on itself every track. The band is kicking off their nationwide tour in support of their latest - with a stop at VAS tonight.