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Opposite, 0311, Blue Liquid, Acid Room

Finished Fri, Apr 19, 2024 , 8:30pm
Neo Bar
399 Handan Lu
Presale: 68rmb/person, Full price: 88rmb/person, Double ticket: 108rmb


A new generation of indie rockers has been causing a stir in Zhejiang and beyond over the past year - a collective of bands swinging for the fences and charting their own path. From the reverb-heavy shoegaze-laced pop of Wuhu’s Opposite, to the sax-led post-punk theatrics of Jiaxing’s 0311, to the more new wave-inflicted Nantong act Blue Liquid, to finally, Acid Room, out of Suzhou, whose combustible mix of grunge, post-punk, and noise rock has been lighting up stages across town - its a hot-blooded, rip-roaring evening of rock and roll over at NEO. Sleeper gig of the week.