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Where to go out, dance, and revel. Hand-picked events in Shanghai, curated by a team with combined decades in town.
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  • Pearl’s Unplugged

    Over 25 years ago Nirvana recorded their MTV Unplugged — an eerie, magical recording that will forever remind the world what might have happened if Kurt Cobain were still here. Over the years, many talents have left us too soon....
  • Root With Blues: Cotton Club Band

    The Cotton Club Band has a long history in Shanghai. They’ve grown into an icon in the city’s nightlife entertainment over the years. They're bringing on a night of their bests led by Gregory Smith, the guitarist of Cotton...
  • Spring Awakening The Musical

    Written by German playwright Frank Wedekind, Spring Awakening documents the tale of a group of teenagers growing up in an oppressed society during the 1890s, finding ways to fight back and discovering who they truly are. The musical...
  • The Nutcraker by The Suzhou Ballet

    The classic ballet "The Nutcracker" will return on January 21 and 22, performed by the Suzhou Ballet at Shanghai Oriental Arts Center. In 2013, the two artistic directors of Suzhou Ballet, Li Ying and Pan Jiabin, launched an innovative...
  • "Express Romance" Piano Recital by Zhang Haotian

    Famed pianist Zhang Haotian, who has studied with world-renowned pianists such as Sasha Starcevich and has studied at prestigious schools like the Mannes College of Music in New York and the Royal Academy of Music in the United Kingdom,...
    • Arts & Stage | SHOAC | Fri Jan 22
  • The Surge

    The Surge is a contemporary dance theatre piece directed by Shi Yanyan. The work is adapted from a short story titked "Wang Liulang" from Songling's Strange Stories from A Chinese Studio. The story tells how a fisherman and the ghost in...
  • Glimpses of Metropolis

    Abstract architecture photography exhibition by Niko Drg. The series on display is composed of images taken during the artist's travels around the world's megacities in the last 3 years. There will be food prepared by chefs Ramon and...
  • Lu Xuan Chen & Friends

    Jazz singer and pianist Lu Xuancheng is joined by a quintet for an evening of Chinese influenced jazz. Lu Xuancheng is a graduate of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and incorporates traditional Chinese instruments into her music. She...
  • Art Open Talk: '2021 Artist 01' - C.C

    Artist C.C. will give his open talk on January 24 at ITALO. Folks are welcome to join for the Sunday brunch while listening to the artist's story. He will share his unique journey, the ideas and stories behind all of his work, and the...
    • Arts & Stage | Italo | Sun Jan 24
  • New Year's Concert by Shanghai Oriental Art Center Children's Chorus

    Shanghai Oriental Art Center Children's Chorus performs their New Year's Concert on January 24. The chorus is led by Yang Wenjun, conductor of Shanghai Philharmonic Symphony Chorus, and Huang Fei, teacher at Shanghai Normal University....
  • Guangzhou Jazz

    Cantonese Jazz Singer Situ Helun is is known for his warm vocal style that combines rhythm and blues and urban elements with pop and jazz. He is performing with Yang Hongbin on piano, Zhu Donghuan “Tico” on bass, and Xu...
  • Beethoven Complete Piano Concertos (I)

    This concert is part of the Beethoven Complete Piano Concertos series. Conducted by Zhang Jiemin(张洁敏) and accompanied by Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, pianist Xie Jingxian (解静娴) and Zuo Zhang (左章) play two of Beethoven’s piano...
  • Yusuf Collective Groove

    Born and raised in Xinjiang, Yusuf devotes himself to exploring World Music, fusing with his love for R&B, Soul, and Pop to bring original sounds that represents his background and at the same time welcomed by the world. He will be...
  • Dance Dance Dance and Showgirls

    A very special night planned just before The Pearl closes for CNY holidays! Two new shows in one night; first off the Dance, Dance, Dance concert, as the Pearl’s Red Stars band perform a selection of the best dance hits from the...
  • Growl The Musical

    Grow, an English-language children's musical created by the British National Youth Musical Company, will be performed by Serious Play, an international first-class brand of musical theatre created by Shanghai Fresh Prime Limited and...
  • Chinese New Year Dance Camp

    Elite Dance Academy is hosting dance camps during the Chinese New Year holiday. Students will have to be 3-6 years of age in order to join, and will be educated in ballet, jazz and craft. The cost for camp varies in regard to how many...
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    "Macready" - Theater Production

    The extraordinary journal of 19th-century actor William Charles Macready is the basis for this intimate and unparalleled look at the life of the player. As performed by Thomas Caron, this is a must for anyone who loves the theater.
  • Pearl’s Unplugged

    Over 25 years ago Nirvana recorded their MTV Unplugged — an eerie, magical recording that will forever remind the world what might have happened if Kurt Cobain were still here. Over the years, many talents have left us too soon....
  • Root With Blues: Cotton Club Band

    The Cotton Club Band has a long history in Shanghai. They’ve grown into an icon in the city’s nightlife entertainment over the years. They're bringing on a night of their bests led by Gregory Smith, the guitarist of Cotton...
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    The Pearl Sunday Movie Night

    Pearl movie nights are back with themed days every Sunday in January. Free entrance and free salty (of course) kettle popcorn. Happy hour drink specials run all day. Dinner specials all day as well. Jan. 10 is Family Movie Day, at...
  • Unravel Presents Resilience

    As 2020 draws to a close, Unravel is proud to present RESILIENCE: a multimedia storytelling exhibition. Unravel is shining a light on stories that highlight the resilience of the human spirit, despite the odds and obstacles. It's a...
    • Arts & Stage | Xime | Daily until Jan 31
  • teamLab Borderless Shanghai

    teamLab Borderless Shanghai is the result of the feverish imaginations of Japanese art collective teamLab, an interdisciplinary group of artists, designers, mathematicians, engineers, and programmers self-labelled as...
  • "Food As Art As Food" Exhibition

    island6's winter exhibition “Food as Art as Food” (食品如艺术) explores the relationship between people and food, and the enjoyment that comes from finding the perfect dish. Admission to the art exhibit is free. The team are...
  • Mommy & Me, Back at Shanghai City Ballet

    Mommy & Me is back with Monday classes at Shanghai City Ballet. The program aims to develop the listening, social and motor skills of young children through ballet and pre-dance physical movement. Scan the QR code to sign up.
  • Photo Exhibition of "Culinary Anthropology from Chile to China"

    Miguel de Cervantes Library, together with Canon Wonderland Shanghai and the support of the Consulate General of Chile in Shanghai, present Nicolás Santa María Cea's photographic exhibition, where the artist shows images...
  • Tomokazu Matsuyama:Accountable Nature

    Tomokazu Matsuyama's first solo exhibition in Shanghai. This exhibition will introduce Matsuyama's fundamental notions, which capture the status quo of present-day life and culture in an unembellished manner. The works in the exhibition...
  • Fall into a Trance: Jin Shan & Zhao Yang

    The dual exhibition features a spontaneous state of “trance” the two artists presented during a time of changes. Works on show are mostly recent works by Jin Shan and Zhao Yang and encompass a mix of media including...
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    "Player of Beings" Art Exhibition

    McaM Presents "Player of Beings", an art exhibition that gathers a group of “Ready Player Ones” who ae active in the forefront of international contemporary art. These artists include aaajiao, Cao Fei, Feng Mengbo, Jeffrey...
  • Zhang Enli: A Room That Can Move

    The retrospective will present more than one hundred paintings spanning various stages of the artist’s 30-year career, as well as a number of his newly commissioned immersive painting installations (known as “Space...
  • National Geographic Photo Exhibition

    A photo exhibition curated by National Geographic mag. The exhibition has been touring around China since 2016, featuring more than 800 cover pictures from the magazine's 132-year history and 130 classics in print.
  • Neo Golden Age

    Neo Golden Age attemps to raise the discussion around contemporary art and consumerism. It consists of two solo exhibition from two pop artists. Philip Colbert, creates a surreal environment with installations and his famous "lobster"...
    • Arts & Stage | MAMSH | Daily until Mar 14
  • Noire Lumière

    “Noire lumière”, refers to an ambiguous point of time: it may be when day is approaching its end, or dawn is coming or night is in its utmost depth. In other words, noire lumière is a state of fighting and...
  • Our Home: One Belt and Road Nation's Art Exhibition

    Our Home is a series of artworks from 69 nations under the One Belt and Road policy. A total of 208 pieces of work from 141 artists will be on display, each with their own voices in the process of allowing economical and cultural...
  • Ye Maozhong Art Exhibition

    The exhibition “Ye Maozhong Art Exhibition” is curated by Mr. Liu Yiqian, the founder of Long Museum. Ye Maozhong is a professor at Peking University, as well as a well-known brand marketing planner, art collector, and...
  • The Abode of Illusions: The Garden of Zhang Daqian

     “The Abode of Illusions: The Garden of Zhang Daqian” features a group of photographs by Hu Chongxian with inscriptions by Zhang Daqian. This is the first time the artworks have been showcased in China since they left...
    • Arts & Stage | YUZ Museum | Daily except Mon until Apr 11
  • Minchao

    Minchao, 民潮, looks at the popular fashion of the 20th century: the elegant Shanghai calendar girls and their qipaos. 
  • Shanghai Madame Tussauds One-Day Pass

    This is the chance to meet the superstar icons in your dreams, all at once. Located on the tenth floor of the New World Building, Shanghai's branch of the world famous Madame Tussauds allows visitors to mingle with the rich, famous and...

    The collection of the musée national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou, comprises more than 100,000 works of art dating from 1905 to the present. “The Shape of Time” is the first of three thematic selections of major...
  • More, More, More

    This is an group exhibition featuring works from 30 contemporary artists from both China and aboard. The title of the show, "More, More, More", is taken from The Andrea True Connection's Disco hit from the 1970s, which is meant to have...
  • M/Made in Shanghai

    M/M (Paris) was co-founded by Michaël Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak in 1992. With a unique style and through close interconnections with music, fashion and art circles, they have been proved to be among the most influential...
  • Shu Cang's Collection

    SHUCANG’s Collection is a long-term exhibition of Powerlong Museum, showing Xu’s Family’s precious calligraphic and painting collection to the general public. SHUCANG’s Collection is named by Mr. Xu Jiankang in...