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Where to go out, dance, and revel. Hand-picked events in Shanghai, curated by a team with combined decades in town.
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  • Full Throttle Ahead

    M50 gallery Island6 has a new exhibition on. The mixed media show “Full Throttle Ahead” explores the vehicles that have become ubiquitous in our everyday life and where they lead us. Read more  here . 
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    Journey to the West Festival

    Time After Time & Yakma present – Journey to the West Festival on May 29th and 30th. In the far lands of the West, it is to be found the network of overland and maritime trade routes flourishing organically over time across...
  • Duo solo exhibition by Bao Lei & Jiang Yifan

    Art+ Shanghai Gallery is presenting a duo solo exhibition by two Chinese female artists: Bao Lei & Jiang Yifan.
  • Recalibrating Reality Opening

    The Miguel de Cervantes Library opens its new exhibition space, Terraza Cervantes, with the opening exhibtion, "Recalibrating Reality." As a parallel activity to, and part of the XIII Shanghai Biennale it includes works by international...
  • Botanical Transmutations - 刘真辰 Liu Zhenchen, Quentin Derouet

    ArtCN is honoured to present "Botanical Transmutations", a dual exhibition featuring the works on paper of artists Liu Zhenchen and Quentin Derouet. Human beings live in symbiosis with nature, possessing inherent "synaesthetic"...
  • Virtually Versailles

    Created by more than 600 talents in digital and creative industries from 7 nations, this exhibition is more than likely to unveil a crazy trend for those who love arts, cultures, and maybe France. Utilizing latest technologies, it aims...
  • 13th Shanghai Biennale: Bodies of Water

    Contemporary art's home in Shanghai the Power Station of Art is hosting Shanghai's 13th annual biennale, "Bodies of Water." Its main exhibition has 64 participating artists exploring how all life forms are interconnected and...
  • Monet & Impressionist Masterpieces

    Shanghai has a thing for Monet. He's back again! An upgrade to the previous one in 2020, the new exhibition showcases 20 of his masterpieces that have travelled from paris, including 3 water lily paintings. Starring 17 other...
  • The Beethoven Experience

    The Beethoven Experience commemorates 250 years of Beethoven's legacy. The museum exhibition, presented by Shanghai Concert Hall and LWA Brand Management, showcases the historical context that Beethoven lived and worked in, along with...
  • Shanghai Madame Tussauds One-Day Pass

    This is the chance to meet the superstar icons in your dreams, all at once. Located on the tenth floor of the New World Building, Shanghai's branch of the world famous Madame Tussauds allows visitors to mingle with the rich, famous and...
  • Dialogue in the Dark

    One of the must-have experiences in Shanghai! Originating in Germany, this immersive exhibition enables you to wander in the forest, cruise on a boat, cross the road and enjoy a movie in the complete darkness. Your blind or...
  • Museum of Illusions Exhibition

    MOI has gained increasing popularity worldwide, and its Shanghai branch finally reopened on 18 January, 2021. It creates a handful of illusions by different arrangements of shapes and space, and provides visitors with a creative and...
  • teamLab Borderless Shanghai

    teamLab Borderless Shanghai is the result of the feverish imaginations of Japanese art collective teamLab, an interdisciplinary group of artists, designers, mathematicians, engineers, and programmers self-labelled as...
  • Shu Cang's Collection

    SHUCANG’s Collection is a long-term exhibition of Powerlong Museum, showing Xu’s Family’s precious calligraphic and painting collection to the general public. SHUCANG’s Collection is named by Mr. Xu Jiankang in...