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Where to go out, dance, and revel. Hand-picked events in Shanghai, curated by a team with combined decades in town.
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  • Live Interview with The MC5’s Wayne Kramer

    Join Tou-JAM/Hesher Has Culture for a live teleconference with MC5 founder Wayne Kramer this Sunday, where he'll be discussing his memoir "The Hard Stuff". The MC5 set the stage for punk, and Kramer later played with GG Allin, Marianne...
  • China Underwater: The Culture Behind Diving

    TailorMade Culture Talk is inviting guest speaker Angela Tang, a senior diver and one of the organizers of an international diving community in Shanghai, to share the diving culture she observed and experienced in China. Following her...
  • Catchup and Leapfrog Strategies: Samsung vs. Huawei

    CEIBS Assistant Professor of Strategy Changhyun Kim is giving an exclusive MBA lecture to discuss a topic with a focus on companies in China and Southeast Asia. During the lecture, Professor Kim will draw upon his own case study of...
    • Community | CEIBS | Thu May 20
  • Earth: Green Initiatives May Film Screening

    Green Initiatives 130th Documentary Screening, features Earth, a documentary that observes people, in mines, quarries, and at large construction sites, engaged in a constant struggle to take possession of the planet. Several billion...
  • TEDx Fuxing Park 2021: Wonder

    TEDx is coming to Fuxing Park with a series of talks on the theme of wonder. The word can be interpreted in many ways but it is something that we all have experiences with in our lives, either as incredible events or emotions, or as...
  • Tea Ritual and Ceremony Workshop

    Brewing tea is an art that is simple to learn, yet one can work on it a lifetime and never know all its secrets. Instruction will include learning about teaware and techniques that will open up many new dimensions of the tea experience...