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Frequently Asked Questions / All

How do I publish a job listing?

To submit a job listing to SmartShanghai, follow the instructions on this page.

Are job listings free?

To maintain the quality of our listings and dissuade particularly aggressive recruiters, we charge a service fee for our job listings (380 rmb per listing). We currently don't offer any free job listings, sorry!

Are there discounts for buying multiple listings

Yes. Buy 5 jobs listings credits (1,900 RMB) and get one free job listings credit (save 17%). Buy 10 job listings credits (3,800 RMB) and get 3 free job listings credits (save 23%). These options will be presented to you after you submit your job listing and select a payments option.

I successfully submitted a listing, but can not see it on the site.

All submissions have to be approved by our admins before they appear on the site. On weekdays we approve listings within 2-3 hours, on weekends and public holidays it might take a bit longer.

How can I update my venue listing?

Venue listings are part of the editorial content and uploaded/edited directly by our Editors and Listings Managers. Users can not edit content directly. If you are associated with a venue and would like to report mistakes, or request changes, please use the "Report Mistakes" button in the related venue listing. Events and Promotions can be submitted by any user for any venue.

Why is my event not on SmartShanghai yet?

Did you know we get between 50-60 event submissions a day? It’s a lot to go through. Listing events usually takes us 3-5 working days, so plan ahead. If you submit an event the day before an event, there is a strong chance your event will NOT get listed.

Please remember that we do not list every event that gets submitted. You will receive a private message in your SmartShanghai Inbox once your listing has been published (or rejected). Please do not resubmit your event -- this will not expedite the process. If your event is far in the future, the approval process might take longer, as upcoming events for this and next week have priority. SmartShanghai advertisement clients also get priority approval.

Thanks for your patience, and for taking the time to submit your events to SmartShanghai!

Can I pitch an article about my product on this website?

Firstly, thanks for your interest. However, SmartShanghai does not accept solicitation for content, paid or otherwise. All of our editorial content is conceived of by our editorial team who live in and critique this city, for our readers who do the same. Generally speaking, articles are selected by our editors from the pool of venue and event submissions, and all coverage is independent of paid advertisement.

We do, however, love hearing from people who are up to new and exciting things in this city. If you'd like to get in touch with our editorial team, please feel free to use the Contact Us page.

Can I edit my job listing?

To maintain a consistent quality and format in our listings, all listings are uploaded by our editors. To request changes to your listing, please email our listings managers. Contact information will have been provided with the confirmation email for your job submission.

Can I cooperate with you to promote my event?

Firstly, thanks for the offer! However, SmartShanghai does not directly work with events promoters and agencies on organization, marketing, logistics, or anything involved with planning and hosting events. We simply report on events and happenings around town without becoming directly involved ourselves.

We would, however, love to hear what you've got planned. Please submit your event to us on our Event Submissions page, and if it meets our criteria we will publish it on our event listings calendar and possible be in touch about featuring it in the editorial section of the website.

Why is the event description for my event as it appears on the webpage different from what I submitted?

To maintain a consistent quality on the website, we rewrite the submitted promotional text on event submissions to fit our editorial format. We try to add a third party perspective to our events listings. We also tend to delete PR speak or hyperbolic language, unless it’s unintentionally hilarious. Stick to the facts and we’re less likely to dramatically rewrite your submission.

You're running a house music night with you and your friends at a club? Great! Give us useful details. Preferably not in all caps. Include things like pricedoor policydress code (if any), who's playing/DJingany special performancesdealspromotions, etc. If you submit a five word description for a club night, we're liable to reject it, unless those words are "free booze and all Morrissey."

If you're unhappy with the way your event appears on SmartShanghai, feel free to drop us a message on the Contact Us page.