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Frequently Asked Questions / All

How do I publish a job listing?

Sign into your SmartShanghai account and follow the instructions on this page.

Are job listings free?

To maintain the quality of our listings and dissuade particularly aggressive recruiters, we charge a service fee for our job listings (380 rmb per listing). We currently don't offer any free job listings, sorry!

Are there discounts for buying multiple listings

Yes. Buy 5 jobs listings credits (1,900 RMB) and get one free job listings credit (save 17%). Buy 10 job listings credits (3,800 RMB) and get 3 free job listings credits (save 23%). These options will be presented to you after you submit your job listing and select a payments option.

When will your photographer take the pictures?

After buying the photography package online, our team will contact you to arrange a suitable time. You can choose to have the pictures taken during business hours or outside business hours (recommended). A shooting usually takes 1-2 hours, and you will received the edited photos within 3 working days.

Can unused listings be accumulated for the next week?

Weekly publishable listings do not accumulate. Agency accounts are automatically refreshed at 0:00 am every Monday, and the new number of publishable listings for this week will be updated at this time. So if you still have unused listing tickets, please post them before Sunday night.

Why has the "edit" button on my listing disappeared?

Listings can only be edited within 24 hours of submission on the site. This is to avoid misuse of our housing section. Please make sure all the information is correct when you submit your listing, and correct any mistakes within 24 hours of submission.

Why has my listing been deleted?

There are several reasons why your listing might have been deleted. Some common ones are;

- Listing a property in the wrong category (ex. a shared apartment in “apartment for rent”.)
- An error in the pricing (ex. writing the shared price as the whole rent price)
- Exaggerated language in the description (“best,” “fastest,” “most effective,” etc.) or unreasonably subjective descriptors in the title (ex. “nice view,” “must-see,” “rent very fast,” etc.)
- Using outdated or inaccurate terminology, such as “French Concession.”
- Writing in a language other than English
- Not deleting an already rented property in time
- You’ve posted the same listing twice
- You’ve included company information in the listing description.
- We judged the listing was meant for purposes other than rental (such as promotion).

If you feel your listing shouldn't have been deleted, please feel free to Contact Us

For how long will my job listing be visible?

Your job listing will remain visible on the website for one month. If you wish to refresh your job listing and move it back to the top, you may purchase an additional job credit and apply it to your job.

If you wish for your job listings to remain visible for longer without having to worry about renewing them manually, you may consider subscribing to our Company Job Listing packages (6/12 months) where all of your job listings will remain visible on the site for the duration of your Company listing.

What is a Push Credit?

With each Company Job Listing subscription (6/12 months), you will be able to refresh your job listings and push them back to the top of the list five times a month. The past month is calculated based on the past 30 days, and does thus not reset on the first calendar day of each month.

How can I contact SmartShanghai’s after-sales support?

You can reach SmartShanghai’s after-sales support team on the Contact Us page. We will process your request within 1-2 working days, or as soon as possible.

Please note that Housing support does not have a phone number, we will communicate via your registered email address or the SmartShanghai private messaging system.