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Frequently Asked Questions / All

How do I publish a job listing?

Sign into your SmartShanghai account and follow the instructions on this page.

Are job listings free?

To maintain the quality of our listings and dissuade particularly aggressive recruiters, we charge a service fee for our job listings (380 rmb per listing). We currently don't offer any free job listings, sorry!

Are there discounts for buying multiple listings?

Yes. The single Job listing is 380RMB/per month, now we have another option is 6800RMB for 12 job listings for 12 months, yearly package is 8 times cheaper than a single job listing. 

When will your photographer take the pictures?

After buying the photography package online, our team will contact you to arrange a suitable time. You can choose to have the pictures taken during business hours or outside business hours (recommended). A shooting usually takes 1-2 hours, and you will received the edited photos within 3 working days.

How can I contact SmartShanghai’s after-sales support?

You can reach SmartShanghai’s after-sales support team on the Contact Us page. We will process your request within 1-2 working days, or as soon as possible.

Please note that Housing support does not have a phone number, we will communicate via your registered email address or the SmartShanghai private messaging system.

Can unused listings be accumulated for the next week?

Weekly publishable listings do not accumulate. Agency accounts are automatically refreshed at 0:00 am every Monday, and the new number of publishable listings for this week will be updated at this time. So if you still have unused listing tickets, please post them before Sunday night.

I got a "sponsored company highlight" with my job credit bundle. What is it?

It's a little bonus exposure for your job listing! When you purchase a 5 or 10 job credit bundle, your job listing will appear in the "Featured Companies" box at the top of the Jobs page.
It's not a separate listing, and you don't need to submit any extra info for it, just purchase the one year job listing package and it'll automatically get your company featured. The "Featured Company" highlight last until your contract finishs.

How can I edit my listing

Unfortunately, it's currently not possible to edit a Buy&Sell listing.

Will you write an article about my venue ?

If it fits our editorial topics, there might be some round up articles that would include your venue, and we'll feature it in this round up article, however the Premium Venue Listing does not include any individual articles production service, for article promotions, please check more details here: WeChat Content

Our editors will however be more aware of your business and make sure it will get considered every time we write an article that covers your area of business. You will also have a direct contact person at SmartShanghai so you can pitch us ideas that you think might be interesting for our readers. The Gold Package includes one "Expert Article" which means we'll work together with you on an article and feature your venue as an export on this topic,it requires your team to suggest an informative topic for our audiences (such as law related). 

For how long will my job listing be visible?

Your job listing will remain visible on the website for one month. If you wish to refresh your job listing and move it back to the top, you may purchase an additional job credit and apply it to your job.

If you wish for your job listings to remain visible for longer without having to worry about renewing them manually, you may consider subscribing to our Company Job Listing packages (6/12 months) where all of your job listings will remain visible on the site for the duration of your Company listing.